Sunday, June 1, 2014

About Courage.

I am sitting here staring down at my laptop screen and wondering about the last two years. About not writing a single post. Writing helps me clear my mind, it gives me direction and i do it all the time. In my countless diaries, journals, i scribble on post-its, i scribble on my iPhone notes and on my laptop; then why not here? I created this blog a few years ago with an intent of writing and sharing all my favorite images, personal pictures and whole lot of other musings but did not really do that. I wonder if i was scared...of putting myself out there more importantly my own writing, my thoughts. I wonder if i really do have the courage now....I don't know the answers yet but i am willing to give it another go. To be more courageous.

Until next time. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

lost in 'transition'!

its been over a year since i lasted posted and as the title of this post suggests i have been lost in 'transition'! A lot happened in my life since 2010!! i got married!! and then moving in with my brand new husband :P lot of festivities, travelling for a bit....and everything else in as we know it, but i have made a note to myself in the recent past and will now try to write on this blog as often as possible...coz it helps me clear my head..writing keeps me makes me feel good :-)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Right now...

The holiday season is here! and as much as i hate sounding like my mother i cant believe its December already! with grey days looming ahead and work pressure taking its toll i'm trying hard to stay inspired and reminding myself of all the things i love doing specially at this time of the year...a hot cup of black tea on a cold night....dark chocolates in bed!....plum cakes around Christmas and off course staying in and watching Hollywood classics! :-) i'm smiling already! and a little bit of personal style never hurts so right now i'm all about 'borrowed from the boys shirt'! i plan on adding a tuxedo jacket and some swagger and i'm all set to brave the end of another year! ;-)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

jason wu does it again!

Jasun wu somehow has a knack of knowing exactly what women want to wear to feel confident and beautiful! with the start of fashion week (yaaay!) there's a lot for me to look forward to as i'm closely following all thats happening (thanks to the world wide web!!! ;) jasan wu was always one of my favorites and i knew he was the one with staying power and he proved it with his spring 2011 collection which was not only mature and edgy but also proved that Wu knows the pulse of his audience...the collection was inspired by the seventies and the forties and comprised of floral print dresses and multi-petaled skirts,chiffon blouses and fluid high waisted beige pants etc..the shoes that the girls wore on the runway and what they carried in their hands was worth paying close attention to,they were from his first accessory collection!!! i would say his spring 11 collection is a must watch and this 27 yr old wunderkind is here to stay! full power to him! :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Few clicks!

These are few pictures taken over the last few you can tell i love playing dress up! ;-) i just cant resist a good pair of shoes, a nice bag or any stylish piece of accessory...basically i dress up for myself..yes my day to day life is my runway! :-)
my friends are very important to me although i take time to get close to people once i do i'm always there for them....the group pic has me with some of my close frenz morz,aaron,ritesh n anand, have known them for years and just love going out and having fun with them! also i have uploaded a pic of me with my sister angika, ah she's a prettier version of me! and is a total mother hen to me! (sometimes annoying! lol)
I can hardly wait for thursday its going to be a long weekend away from town,i'm hoping to come back with a huge smile on my face,few shopping bags stuffed in my suitcase! wat do you expect specially when you're going to accessories heaven (colaba! mumbai!!) and offcourse loads of cute pictures! xo ;-)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Denimology ;)

It just seems like yesterday when summer had just started and i was busy shopping for all the awesome spring/summer trends (pastels/floral tube dresses/chunky wedges! etc) and before i realized we're nearing fall! trying to prepare myself for fall fashion i came across some fresh fall denim trends which will give us all a fresh new perspective on blue jeans, what was interesting to note was that each of the new denim trend or cut was actually a classic recast in a new light.

The crop 50's style denim in slim straight cuts/dark wash with zippered ankles are back! also seen on the ramp was the denim in fall saturated colors like velvety eggplant,deep olive (my personal fav!) and antique gold.Also making a comeback this fall is the skinny cargo jeans which are much sleeker than the old boyfriend cargo style and far more flattering! So i guess we have enough reasons to experiment and find our own new denim go-to! :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

50's redux!

One of the prominent trends of Fall 2010 is fifties inspired fashion...last year was all about the eighties but this year is about going a little further back in time and enjoying all that 50's fashion had to offer....think circle skirts, Capri pants,ladylike accessories, big hair, bow bedecked pumps etc the list id endless!..this trend was seen on the fall runway of Fendi, Louis vuitton and Isabel Marant to name a personal favorite was Isabel Marant who did the whole 50's sexy siren look to perfection....i'm looking forward to trying some of the 50's inspired looks this fall and i know its going to be a lot of fun! ;-)