Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Few clicks!

These are few pictures taken over the last few months....as you can tell i love playing dress up! ;-) i just cant resist a good pair of shoes, a nice bag or any stylish piece of accessory...basically i dress up for myself..yes my day to day life is my runway! :-)
my friends are very important to me although i take time to get close to people once i do i'm always there for them....the group pic has me with some of my close frenz morz,aaron,ritesh n anand, have known them for years and just love going out and having fun with them! also i have uploaded a pic of me with my sister angika, ah she's a prettier version of me! and is a total mother hen to me! (sometimes annoying! lol)
I can hardly wait for thursday its going to be a long weekend away from town,i'm hoping to come back with a huge smile on my face,few shopping bags stuffed in my suitcase! wat do you expect specially when you're going to accessories heaven (colaba! mumbai!!) and offcourse loads of cute pictures! xo ;-)

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